Banner/Sprite Art

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  1. Ryan493
    post art of the story here
  2. Ryan493
    here are my sprites i made.from left to right:Sarah, Ryan, Zach, Isabel, Koty. more will be added as i make them...
  3. Vasden2
    Skylop's Catepie's String Ball attack

    ON a tree

    Vs a pokemon
  4. Ryan493
    ...i was kinda thinkin' of entering one of these sprites in the contest. specifically the Ryan sprite. but i dunno
  5. Ryan493
    you do that yourself or look that up on the net?
  6. Vasden2
    yeah, hey do you think you can post on here who else is part of the RP so that I can add them to the group?
  7. Ryan493
    ok, uh let's see...dragax=tyler, trogdor=zach, and viperizer=koty
  8. Ryan493

    All the characters together (except Katie) at the gate of Skylop's base, ready end the Legendary War, and the last they see of Chris.
  9. Vasden2
    Abouth the animations, yeah I made them myself... I like your banner.
  10. Ryan493
    cool, and thanks. i've made sketches/drawings on paper. but i'll load them some time...
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