Porygon, 2, 'n' -Z's Land Distribution Store

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  1. Vasden2
    Porygon: 'allo there. So you have things, but no place to buid?
    2: Then wait no longer! We have a great offer for you.
    -z: We have land from right and left, then up and down.
    ALl TOgerher: Just say where you want your land to be, and you will get it.

    Location Costs:
    Water 300$
    Fire 250$
    Grass/Forest 800$
    Great View (you pick the view) 2000$
    The Perfect Place 5000$ (1 reserved for PokemonLover)
  2. pikaluva13
    I'd like the fire land please
  3. Vasden2
    Porygon: You have purchased the area known as Scorched Plains.
    2: Be careful as flames might araise and burn your wood, don't build yet, there is a special paint that Smeargle might sell, but I know it isn't cheap.
    -z: Well good luck with that...

  4. becnoir
    "I would like 'The Perfect Place', please."

    *Hands over Poke-Dollers*
  5. Vasden2
    Porygon: I'm sorry to say, but you don't have enough money...
    2: Check how muc hyou have at the Meowth Money Market
    -z: Ranking up, and completing missions will get you a lot of money.

    All Together: But we wil reserve one of the 3 remaining 'Perfect Places' for you.
  6. becnoir
    Okay. I didn't know yet.
  7. Vasden2
    Porygon: It is okay.
    2: No trouble here.
    -z: we can wait all year.
    All Together: Hope to see you soon.
  8. AceElekid
    i would like to reserve a great view place
  9. Ryan493
    ...what do the water and forest places look like?
  10. Vasden2
    Porygon: Thank you for reaserving, by the looks of your current progression, you will soon be able to buy that area.
    2: But wait you forgot something.
    -z: You have to pick which view you want. Choose one of the following
    All Together: Pirate Ship, Thunder Clouds, Mountains, Rainbow over clouds, Moon View, Open Sea, or Crystals.
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