I don't fear Shakespeare

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  1. meeker

    Nay, I'll show you the manner of it. This shoe is my father, no this left shoe is my father, no no, this left shoe is my mother; nay that can't be so neither; yes, it is so, it is so, it hath the worser sole. This shoe with the hole in it is my mother, and this, my father, a vengence on't. There 'tis now sit. This staff is my sister, for, look you, it is as white as a lily and as small as a wand. This hat is Nan, our maid, and I am the dog, and the dog is himself, and I am the dog. Ohhhh! The dog is me and I am myself. 'Aye so so. Now come I to my father, Father, your blessing, now should the shoe not speak a word for weeping; now should I kiss my father? Well, he weeps on. Now come I to my mother, Oh that she could speak now like a wood woman! Well, I kiss her. Why, there 'tis. Here is her breathe, up, and down. Now come I to my sister, mark the moan she makes; now the dog, all this while, sheds not a tear, nor speaks a word, but see how I lay the dust, with my tears...
  2. LovelyStrife
    That's from Two Gentelmen of Verona, correct? I wanted to see that on Shakespeare on the Green a few years back but I couldn't make time in my schedule.
  3. meeker
    yes it is, I know it's Shakespear's worst play, but I still love it
  4. LovelyStrife
    lol Just a matter of opinion. I liked it too.

    My favorite is probibly Hamlet. Although there are some really creepy movie versions of that one.
  5. meeker
    call me a romantic but my favorite is by far, romeo and juliet
  6. LovelyStrife
    Ah, that's a classic. We did huge projects on that play my Freshman year in high school.
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