Guide to Competitions

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  1. meeker
    Competitions can be found in the second farthest tab to the left. Opening this tab will allow you access to a new section. COMPETITIONS (suggested by Trombones13)

    The Competitions section is broken down into 4 main catagories:

  2. meeker

    There is currently one section of announcements:
    *Tournament announcements

    Here is where the rules of the Pokefarm forum are listed.
    *Note that the tier list will not be found here*

    Team List:
    Here is a list of teams created by members where you can team up with other members to dominate a competition
  3. meeker

    Tournament List:
    Here is a list of all tournaments that have taken place, are taking place, and are going to take place
    This tab may be subdivided by clicking on this image: . When clicked, this image will turn into a and vice versa. By clicking on the image, the Tournament List is broken down into three catagories:
  4. meeker
    Tournaments Awaiting Players:
    Feel free to sign up and become a part of the forum fun.

    Tournaments in Progress:
    With the competitors all signed up, start those battles up.

    Finished Tournaments:
    The victor has been crowned, try again next time.
  5. meeker
    Hall of Fame
    Opening this tab, separate from the tournament list, yet part of the tournament section, allows you to view who has entered any tournament any see how many each has entered and won.
  6. meeker
    specialized battles, where you fight for fame and glory... and a little prize too for some

    Ladder List:
    Opening this opens a list of all the different ladders that the forum has available. It is greatly suggested that you review the rules for each ladder, as each one differs.
  7. meeker
    Ladder Challenges:
    If you have been challenged or have been challenged, the list will appear here under the top box titled "Challenges".
    In the middle, a box titled, "Your Teams" acts as a separator.
    The third box, also titled "Challenges" rests at the bottom. I have presently forgotten what goes in this box as it has been a long while since I have used it, but I will be attempting to obtain the information soon.
  8. meeker
    Before moving onto Admin:
    although this is not one of the sub sections in the competitions section, it is quite important when dealing with the ladder section. Scoring.
    I will break this up into individual points. You will probably be confused at first, but by the end, you should hopefully see how they all link together

    1. By winning battles, you move up the scale
    2. By losing battles, you move down the scale
    3. By having a draw, you move down the scale
    4. As you win battles, you will accumulate points depending on how many pokemon you have at the end of the battle. [This number does not matter, it is just a little side note (although, it MIGHT be used to decide a #1 tie)]
    5. The system will calculate you win percentage as well as your longest winning streak (although, sometimes it may be off)
    6. Who you defeat or lose to does NOT matter
  9. meeker
    7. By moving up the scale, your "Elo Rating" increases
    8. By moving down the scale, your "Elo Rating" decreases
    9. To input a score, you will include how many pokemon your opponent is left with and how many pokemon you are left with (this will vary with ladder)
    10. If you have remaining pokemon, this will be added to your points as seen in fact 4.
    11. Even if you had an accepted battle against a user who dropped out of your ladder, and you decide to insert the score as 0-0, you will still drop rank
    12. The usual prize for being ranked #1 in a ladder is a free 30 day subscription
  10. meeker
    nothing much here for the regular members except creating a teamNew Team
    To create a new team, you will need to include the following:
    Teams Name: (which will appear on the team list)
    Team Slogan: (appears under the team name in the team page)
    Team Tags: (when members join this group, they will have this word/phrase in front of their name)
    Short Team Description: (which appears underneath the team name on the team list page as well as under short bio on the team page)
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