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  1. Poke-mage
    here is where we do our quests & stuff
  2. TheNinjaPhoenix
    Cool.... Lets begin after three of four members have signed up.
  3. Poke-mage
    I hope Emp got my request...
  4. Poke-mage
    Anyway, lets begin!
  5. TheNinjaPhoenix
    *Tyro is walking around, confused and wondering where he is*
    "Being an apprentice knight is hard. I'm lost and can't find anyone..."
  6. Poke-mage
    *Walks upon the apprentice knight*
    "You apprentice knight, who are you and what are you doing here on the Mountan of Storms?"
  7. TheNinjaPhoenix
    "I'm lost and I didn't know where I was. You just told me I am where I want to be. I'm looking for the Rulite Scimitar, the sacred sword of Thunder. Yeesh.... Sorry..."
  8. Poke-mage
    "It is at the top of the mountan. There are three tests along the way, then take the sword you may. Next to the Rulite Scimitar, is the Emerald Blade and Saphire Twohand. Find the one that keeps the Saphire's scabard with her, and bring her to the top with you."
  9. TheNinjaPhoenix
    "Lucky I know her, she one of my best friends, Artisha. I'm Tyro, and we're both Apprentice Knights, but we split up and got lost. Maybe I should call out to her! Artisha!" Where are you?"
  10. Eevee Forever
    Eevee Forever
    "Up here!"
    *calls from higher on the mountain*
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