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  1. Eevee Forever
    Eevee Forever
    This is where we play the game!
  2. becnoir
    *Is in her own Jet then comes down to the ground*

    "Hi, I'm Ice and this is my Jet."
  3. Poke-mage
    *comes jumping from limb to limb with a S2 AM sniper rifle on his back*

    "Hey I'm Jhon-117, you can also call me Master Chief."
  4. Eevee Forever
    Eevee Forever
    *Hangs upside down on a tree branch with her splice hanging with its arms* "Hi my name is Taylor!"
  5. Poke-mage
    "Let's see... where did Spartan go?"

    *looks around for him with a telscope*
  6. Eevee Forever
    Eevee Forever
    *starts drawing with a finger, then a drink appears*
    "Yum! Orange soda!" Taylor said
  7. Poke-mage
    *loads a Tranquilizer clip into the S2 AM and looks at Taylor*

    "How did you do that?"
  8. TheNinjaPhoenix
    "Hi there..." Says Tyler, showing himself to the others. He is followed with no shadow at his feet, but one next to him, copying his exact pose.
  9. becnoir
    *Takes out some paper and starts to draw the best manga ever*


    *Takes it to her Jet and hangs it on the wall*

    "Hi BlueIce! Heres some water for you!"

    *Puts water in BlueIce's bowl*
  10. Eevee Forever
    Eevee Forever
    "Well, I'm 1 of the best drawers so thats what my ability is.... don't you have 1?"Taylor said
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