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  1. Poke-mage
    "We'll see about that! Psy-beam, Thunder!" Rinzin said from behind Seth
  2. TheNinjaPhoenix
    Seth moved out of the way of the Psybeam, and predicted the Thunder, simply using his metal type to conduct it, damaging him, but giving him a special electric bonus.
    "Seriously, i wasn't joking..." Seth said quietly."Urgh... Not now.... AAARGGGHHHHHHH!!!" Seth cried out as a Black and Purple Orb enveloped him. in his place stood a Shadow Riolu.
    "I am Shadow... Guardian and Soul of the Shadow Orb... Face my wrath!" Shadow cried, quickly unleashing a Bullet Punch charging speedily towards Rinzin, then swapping to a Shadow Claw, Sparks still leaping off him.
  3. Emp395
    ((I was thinking of Shadow as the Soul of the Shadow Orb, too.))

    "Rinzin! Need my help?" Emp then sped at Shadow with a roaring wave behind. "Alright! Rinzin, your turn!"
  4. Eevee Forever
    Eevee Forever
    (I emerge from behind everyone)
    "Need any help?"
  5. Emp395
    "Let's team up and fight Shadow, let's him him together!" Emp is ready to do Surf.
  6. Eevee Forever
    Eevee Forever
    "Good Idea!!!"
  7. Eevee Forever
    Eevee Forever
    "This may sound strange but..I sense the willpower pokemon.............being...controlled by something stronger then Team Rocket,"....................."Well mother had a lot of expeiriences with the pokemon."
  8. TheNinjaPhoenix
    "Hrmph, you are all pathetic. Your attacks don't even leave a scratch. Mind you, they wouldn't on a Shadow...." Shadow said, intimidating his opponents. he then vanished into the air. As he did, the Shadow Orb glowed Purple. Seth reappeared and looked at the orb.
    "Stupid crappy orb..." He said angrily, kicking it."Well if i wasn't Shadow just then, you would have defeated me. I grant you access to the towers peak and to the Sky Orb. Follow me, as I have some business to attend to, which will require all your help. And maybe Shadow's." He turned, and quickly teleported up the tower in flashes, to guide the others up.
  9. Poke-mage
    "Well what are we waiting for let's go-Ahh!"Rinzin said grabbing his head "S-something i-is t-trying t-to c-control m-me a-and i-is r-ripping m-my m-mind a-apart!" Rinzin then fell on the ground and went limp
  10. Emp395
    "Rinzin, what's happening!" Then Emp felt something too. "Wh-Wh-It must be the Shadow Orb!"
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