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  1. pokefan50210
    What anime/manga do you reccomend?
  2. Crymzon1980
    Some of the ones i like are in the comedy genre, with some action, but i'll try anything:

    Azumanga Daioh
    Happy Lesson
    Tenchi Muyo GXP
    Chrono Crusade
    Ai Yori Aoshi series
    Comic Party
    Final Fantasy Unlimited
  3. pokefan50210
    I recommend Kiba and Aquarion.
  4. BlueTempest
    Hey, can someone recommend some Manga? I've seen some previous comments and I have to say I have never read any of these comics. I like the Phoenix by Osama Tezuka.
  5. becnoir
    Yotsuba&! is a good comedy manga if you like funny mangas.
  6. Eevee Forever
    Eevee Forever
    I just read the following:

    Kitchen princess
    Miki Falls
    Emma(still reading)
    Sugar Sugar Rune
  7. becnoir
    What is Emma? Can you post links?
  8. Eevee Forever
    Eevee Forever
    Well theres a website on the back..........

    (Emma is rated T+)
  9. pokefan50210
    I reccomend the anime Ghost Hunt.It was rated TV-14.There could be more to it but it was still good.It can be found on hulu.
  10. Emp395
    I like the Anime, Astro Boy (2003 Anime). I also like the anime, Pretty Cure but everything after Max Heart was, meh, I watch Pretty Cure subbed because the english dub was meh, too.

    BTW, I'm male, I can watch Pretty Cure, too.
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