Movie Lovers group!

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  1. kenzie
    Anyone seen Peince Caspian yet??
  2. mewmaster
    no but has anyone seen iron man if you want i can put movie pics on here
  3. kenzie
    OH MAN!!! I saw Ironman opening night in an Imax theater.....Ironman is the BEST superhero movie in MY opinion..other than the Spiderman series...seriously make it a priority to see Ironman...I got a

    I dont particularly like Robert Downey Jr. I always thought he was sort of a pansie..
    but he is GREAT in this movie so kudos to him

    oh yeah and Go for it vowl I would love to have pics up!
  4. mewmaster
    thanks i already put up one of iron man
    he look so cool i wish i had that armor
  5. kenzie
    same here!! lol Man hes just so awesome! AHH I cant get over
    btw howd you get a pic up??
    i never learned how to do XD
  6. mewmaster
    i have an album thats why i can
  7. kenzie
    ohhhh cool! how do you get an album??
    lol XD
  8. mewmaster
    i do pokemon art thats why i got one you cant get one unless theres a certain condition that means ure allowed
  9. mewmaster
    look at the iron man cyberman i found
  10. kenzie
    okay so once ppl start joining this group we will have so many cool movie posters up!!
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