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  1. Whitdjinn
    I dont know how secretive this is, but it is an invite only group...

    Regardless, this is a place for tutors to discuss progress, problems with BA, props for BA, etc.

    have at it.

    Also, if you haven't been notified already, you should shortly be receiving a PM from Cowmoo83 with our logo and a link to the BA forum for your sigs. If you have room, please add it.
  2. S Tailor
    S Tailor
    If you want to make it private, you need to code it in.

    I believe there was a mod on vBulletin website, but idk
  3. Whitdjinn
    anywho - how goes the tutoring?

    any complications, or questions that you've had a hard time answering, anything like that?
  4. Bobreeder
    Well, my student is pretty busy with school and stuff, but we've had regular contact, and built a full team. I am not sure how his breeding is going, but I hope/think he'll get at least 1 done, maybe 2. He said he has other EV trained Pokes to fill his team in the tourney.
  5. Kurt
    My student already has one done! *boast boast* xD (Well, we discussed the EV-training plan and that was yesterday, so I presume so)
  6. S Tailor
    S Tailor
    My student has 3 done with fairly nice IVs *boast boast boast*


    I think he may well win the tourney if he does a good job
  7. Whitdjinn
    Thanks for your help with this session of BA!! I truely hope that many of you are back for the next session so we can keep BA rolling!!
  8. Kurt
    Yeah! *thumbs up*
  9. Paiopa
    Uh I haven't seen my student, Ganstapikachu for a LONG time now. So I have no idea what they're up to.
  10. Whitdjinn
    its ok, that bull run is over The next one is just about to start though!
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