naruto fan club !!!!

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  1. arriana
    They pushed back the release date for Naruto Storm again....
  2. chuckle490
    they did, carp
  3. Vott
    AWWWWWWW Hey did anyone see the episode on tuesday?
  4. poke45
    it sucks man only one naruto chapter a week and you just get 14 pages to read and that's it and then you wait there again for a week for the other one its just boring i wish they made three chapters a week
  5. Vott
    Yeah for manga right?
  6. chuckle490
    Poke45 you do know that Mamashi Kishimoto has to make the plot and draw all of the art for the new chapter every week.
  7. Vott
  8. poke45
    no he does not he has people to do that for him my cousin works in japan with mangas and thats what he told me he writes the story line not draw it
  9. Psychic4Life
    Hello peoplez. Naruto is the beastliest show on the earth. My fav character is Neji and I hate sasuke for reasons everyone knows.I also love Choji (chubbies rule!!!!! ) Shikamaru (he's a clone of me ) and Kiba(he's beast with ackamaru....literally ). So what's ur fav. characters ? Btw wassup!!!!!
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