naruto fan club !!!!

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  1. poke45
    hey guys please stop signing up if you signed up just to be on my group form noting
  2. PXPikachu
    hi everyone! im new here. i love naruto. naruto roxx!
  3. Deneves
    If you're not watching Naruto Shippūden, then you are missing Hidan and Kakuzu who came in two weeks ago. Good stuff. Next episode is an hour long.
  4. Vott
    yeah naruto nice thinking poke45 lol for the other naruto i watch in japenise it was funny
    for episode 185 on lol gop check!
  5. chuckle490
    you guys watch the anime sucks but the manga rocks
  6. Vott
  7. pikaluva13
    Go Naruto! And don't keep using your Harem no Jutsu on Jiraiya, the pervy sage! *whispering* pervy sage *tee hee*
  8. Vott
    hehe!i know what happens at the last episode
  9. chuckle490
    lol I have to wait till 419 is released next friday till I can find out more bout Naruto
  10. arriana
    I can't wait to see the next Shippuden episode!!! For some reason it was delayed
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