Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi

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  1. ZatchD
    Richmond rulz
  2. Sorgatani
    AstroBoy85 is an Aussie too
  3. AstroBoy85
    Hey guys thanks for the invite
  4. Sorgatani
    Welcome AstroBoy Glad that you can post ^_^
  5. mewmewmew
    guys just to tell you
    if you know an aussie who i haven't invited please tell me and i will invite them
  6. Sorgatani
    Great news for us Aussies: BRAWL IS COMING OUT ON THE 26TH OF JUNE!!

    Don't know about you all but I've been waiting for this title since getting the wii for Christmas '06!
  7. mewmewmew
    personally i'm looking forward to mystery dungeon 2
    i'm probably getting time
  8. Sorgatani
    I haven't tried any of the dungeon titles, so I probably won't be getting that. But I hope you have fun with it. Apart from Brawl, not much in the games market interests me, but I did try out Wii Fit at a demonstration. I was terrible LOL, but I might save up for it.
  9. Sorgatani
    Did you download Nintendo Channel yet? I did... but I want Ranch to come out already!
  10. mewmewmew
    yeah i did yesterday and yes i want pokemon ranch
    i may be getting PBR soon aswell though especially while EB have it for 20 bucks off
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