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  1. Cleon
    yeah i mean an event in australia is once every.....umm......(one,two,three....) several blue moons lol.

    i wanna get a heap aswell ^^, and if possible trade some for a gamestop deoxys or a celebi or shaymin ( desperately need those legends )
  2. mewmewmew
    Hi guys here are the details

    Do you know if it is at all Target stores or just a few
  3. Sorgatani
    It better be all of them!
    *curses her country town*
  4. Cleon
    It should be for all Targets.......Check out the catalogue you get at your local one Sorgatani, if it has the Darkrai thingy on the DS/games page it should be applicable to yours aswell.
  5. Sorgatani
    15 darkrai and hopefully I'll get more tomorrow! All really dodgy natures though and my Pearl game's FC is officially out.
  6. Cleon
    ah well a darkrai is a darkrai, dw you can sr for a beneficial nature on your primary game, i'm gonna try for a shiny one!, ambitious yes but if it pays yah!
  7. Sorgatani
    Hehe I plan on SRing for a good one in my main game ^_^
    Won't go tomorrow, I think I have enough darkrai LOL. My new 'Pearl' game is named 'Zaphod', with the rival's name being 'Ford' - I was having a lot of trouble thinking of names
  8. Cleon
    LMAO, Zaphod sounds cool, and very australian lol

    .....great now i'm on Holdens most wanted list >.<
  9. Sorgatani
    LOL I like the Holden better than the Ford, but Zaphod and Ford are characters in HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy, so I decided to go with that ^_^

    Still haven't picked up my main game's Darkrai.
  10. Cleon
    yeah same, i'm still holding onto the hope that i may SOMEHOW have the chance of randomly getting a shiny one lol
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