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  1. mewmewmew
    Hi guys this is just a group for people living in Australia
    hope you guys have fun
  2. Cleon
    hehe awesome a group for us aussies!

    so....anyone here watch the footy....LOL
  3. Sorgatani
    Hehe Cleon, on the TV, football puts me to sleep. In person, much better! I was indoctrinated into the Bombers as a kid so now, even though we've been pretty bad for a few years, I still say I support them. The last game I went to was Bulldogs vs Port Adelaide - courtesy of my brother's housemates who left halfway through the year ^_^

    (my brother was in uni and the ones who left were international students)
  4. mewmewmew
    Go the Hawks!!
  5. Greeko
    ... AFL??
    Lol puts me to sleep... im more into rugby league
  6. mewmewmew
    i lived in NZ most of my life so i am a big rugby fan also
  7. Greeko
    Rugby league or Union?
  8. Sorgatani
    Being in Victoria, I don't really follow rugby. That's why it's been AFL for me. I hear about rugby, but I tend to switch off for most sporting things. I'd rather read my books. I did meet Australian author Max Barry once, but I don't think he's very well known.
  9. mewmewmew
    union mostly
  10. Greeko
    lol yawn@ union
    Leagues much better, im going to a game 2night
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