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  1. pokemasterSD
    I don't know about Inuyasha but I LOVE Spirited Away related movies!!!
  2. Nak
    I like Spirited Away too. One of my fave anime movies That and Howl's Moving Castle.
  3. Nak
    Okay! So we need to come up with an offical topic! Suggestions?
  4. Taterbud
    Uhh... no. I don't know, how about... like, uh... yeah, I got nothing.
  5. Nak
    That's okay. Hmm, I wish we could put polls up here so we can decide. This is so much fun though!
  6. razorbeam
    thanks for the invite. Spirited away is great. there was also another anime that had been stuck in my head but can't remember the title. it is about this wild hog that is made of live organism that looks like worms and devours everything it encounters.
  7. Nak
    Oh, I think I've heard of that >_< I can't remember though... =/ And welcome!
  8. Viscosity
    Everyone needs to read and watch xxxHolic!
  9. pokemasterSD
    Was it about a flying castle?
  10. Viscosity
    I think the flying castle was something else...
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