We <3 Manga & Anime!

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  1. Nak
    Hello everybody, and welcome to the club! I just started this group a few minutes ago... XD So please feel free to drop comments, suggestions, and names of other members to invite. (Or should we just make this an open group???) Oh, and have fun of course! YOSH! XD
  2. NikolaTesla
    I like Anime, but I am not at liberty to discuss shows at this time.
  3. toys4life
    ...not at liberty...LOL! do you have to check with your lawyers? ha ha

    I'm not big on reading subtitles but I love watching Cartoon Network on Saturday nights!
  4. Nak
    @ Tesla: That's ok. Welcome to the club!

    @ Joby: You too! Yay for Adult Swim! XD
  5. dan the man
    dan the man
    although I don't care much for manga/anime, your request wouldnt go away so I decided to join
  6. Taterbud
    Yeah, adult swim is awesome!! And who here loves Miyazaki? huh? huh? Yay!
  7. Shiny Lucario
    Shiny Lucario
    Yayz 4 manga!!! Anime = meh >_>...
  8. Nak
    Welcome to the club, you guys. Even you, dan. XP
  9. pokemasterSD
    I was invited here so hi everyone!
  10. Taterbud
    Hi PokemasterSD... so, does anyone here watch Inuyasha? That's like the only anime show that I'm actually able to keep track on. Oooh, and my favorite anime movie would be.. Spirited Away, I like that one.
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