DSi thoughts

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  1. cowmoo83
    Now that it's out what do the people who have it think. What are its positive features and what are its negative?
  2. Vott
    Positive: it a has a camera (lol) and able take your pics...
    Negative:..um...the color lol?
  3. cowmoo83
    well, I've been researching it because I plan to purchase one after school gets out for the year and I was just making sure that I was spending $170 wisely.... However, I still haven't been able to find out which internet was better- the PSP's or the DSi's. Does anyone have both? If you do, could you compare them for me?
  4. Crymzon1980
    I'm a true nintendo fan, i like the style of the DSi better compared to the PSP, the dual screen is epic, the touch screen is great, the two cameras, wow!!!! yeah its bad it doesnt have the dual slot, but the it wouldve cost over 200 lol
  5. Darkrai13
    i agree with crymzon. It is worth 170 bucks and the internet is faster the psp (unless my friend s psp has something wrong with it!) Heck im using mine to post this right now!
  6. Crymzon1980
    LOL Sweet, and i dont think PSP had downloadable Playstation games.
  7. Darkrai13
    No it doesn't! Ha Ha
  8. Darkrai13
    What ever happened to the white dsi?
  9. Darkrai13
    the only problem with the internet on the dsi is that it doesn't support flash player...yet. There are rumors going around that it will sometime in the near future!
  10. Pikadude609
    The white ds is availible in every country except america and the blue one in america is only there. Japan has a different shade of it.
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