Big change to 3d!!!

  1. TheMonsterAtlas
    Yupps! One Piece GLOW is going 3D now. We're leaving behind the Byond system and creating our own! (not really) But yeah, we're going to be now coding in C++ and using 3D models! Of course, how it will be played out is to be determined. Having a WoW battle style will probably be boring but the easiest to do. You know, one of those games where you click and you keep attacking until the opponent is dead? Well. I actually want you to just double click to target and press a letter to attack. I know some people use the W,A,S,D to move around, but I prefer to use the Numpad. It'll be fun, hopefully...XD

    Other then that the music will be made by me of course, Mostly I'm going to try and base it off of some of my favorite Bruce Faulconer songs. If you don't know who Bruce Faulconer is He produced the English Dragonball Z songs. Which are amazingly good. Hopefully I can pull some of his creativity into my work ^_^
  2. Vott
    Sweet :3 3D can be a little weird but I can deal with it . Bu the Numpad? AW... guess I will have to be used to that XD
  3. cowmoo83
    3-d Would be pretty sweet... but the numpad... especially the nonexistent one on my laptop which isn't a very good way to move....
  4. TheMonsterAtlas
    Yeah, that's the problem with the whole "no numpad" thing. So I guess I'll put it into the settings, like when you start the game, you are able to customize your setup before making a character.

    Mhm, 3D will be amazing, especially on the boats :3
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