It's here! It's finally HERE!!!!! 4-5-09

  1. Crymzon1980
    Have you bought your DSi yet??? I got mine today and was surpised to be the first one to buy it at my local game store!!!!!! If you have one, you should post it up
  2. TheMonsterAtlas
    I might be getting mine sooner or later today/this week.
  3. Eevee Forever
    Eevee Forever
    I might get one for my b-day!
  4. Kiwi
    I'll be buying mine soon, but I want to know something.
    I'll probably be getting Platinum with it, but some Platinum games on Ebay say for DSi, and some say for DS. Is there any difference? Or is it just a way to trick you into paying more?
  5. Eevee Forever
    Eevee Forever
    I think there the same game chips......I'll check
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