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  1. dan the man
    dan the man
    oh yea i've played it before on my computer, its just like a pokemon game
    okayi'll see if it works for me
  2. kenzie
    yo yo!! I have gotton 2 accounts frozen now...whata shame...
    1st time I went through like 8 suspensions...cuz I was either "harassing" ppl on the boards or I started talking about polotics/

    and then 2nd time I said WTF!?! on a so I got frozen...bummer
  3. Sorgatani
    Haha yeah... neopets staff have gotten tough. Which is annoying. Kinda why I'm a little antisocial LOL

    Last night I sold some stocks - TSRC was at 89 (bought at 15) so I almost made 500% profit!
  4. dan the man
    dan the man
    I will have to look into that stock stuff
    btw if you neomail a user named piplupy she'll give you a pokemon battle her dad wont let her join pokefarm though which is a shame
  5. Sorgatani
    Stocks are very hit and miss LOL, it takes a long time for them to pay out But there's a good site called which has guides and information about the neopian stock market.
  6. dan the man
    dan the man
    lol yes I know about them stocks lol
    i'll look into it sometime later
    btw I may be getting a computer or laptop of my own soon..maybe
  7. cyndaman
    Hey! I love Neopets, but I mostly go on to Roleplay, does anyone else do that?
  8. Sorgatani
    I used to lurk on the RP boards but I would rather hang out on Plot Chat. Altador Cup starts soon!

    I'm going to join Mystery Island. This is pure habit, I joined MI last year and the year before that. I don't expect them to win, I just like them
  9. cyndaman
    XP I got suspended because of someone else XD Listenin to a petpage song! So awesome! Cute is What we Go For!
  10. kenzie
    I believe it is Cute is What We Aim For

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