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  1. Ace
    yeah I got to do about 25 searches before he got tired and said wait till the next hour.
    Oh and those np changes, are they permanent, or just for today?
    They also changed dubloon disaster ):
  2. Sorgatani
    The changes should last for another month. Pity they didn't change Shenkuu Warrior, the game isn't hard to learn but getting to 2223 for 1k is just annoying.
  3. Ace
    I have never played shenkuu warrior.
    All the games I played that I could get max payout, they reduced the np ratio xx
  4. Sorgatani
    They always change the ratios on the easy games... I figure that if I can play a game, almost anyone can get the hang of it. Just means you have to get further along to get your 1k. Divide 1,000 by the NP ratio in the game to see how many points you need to score for 1000 NPs.
  5. Ace
    All I have been playing recently is yooyuball. I got the hang of it now. But I'm still ranked beginner >_<
    Well you know how at the end of the altador cup you can buy stuff with your points, do your points come from the total wins you had, or total of points scored during yooyuball?
  6. Sorgatani
    Points are most important. You should move up from beginner when you've won 50 games
  7. Ace
    oh cool then! I have like 40 wins or so, so I am close. What rank are you?
  8. Sorgatani
    I'm about level 7, but I hope to be over level 11 by the end of the tournament. I got to level 11 last year so I'm trying to get higher than that.
  9. Ace
    I think I might make it to rank 2 or 3 by the end of the tournament xx
    Well, now I know what to do for next year. I want rank.. 20! xP Like that's gonna happen.
    Good luck with getting higher than rank 11
    When does the tournament end anyways?
  10. Sorgatani
    It goes on for about a month or so. 5 weeks I think, double round robin meaning you will be up against each team two times before the finals.
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