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  1. Ace
    I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in a reaaallly long time. My computer recently died, so now I can only get online with my ipod, which limits what I can do, and is sometimes a hassle.
  2. Sorgatani
    It happens Ace. It's okay, I can just look like a crazy person talking to themselves
  3. Sorgatani
    Neopets hasn't been very interesting lately.
  4. LovelyStrife
    I know. I have a baby Aisha there. Her name is Dinah. Took me forever to get enough NP to buy the paintbrush but she looks so adorable now.
  5. Sorgatani
    Aww cute! I like baby aishas, but I don't have any baby pets. I do have a faerie princess zafara though She's named Sorgatani because I'm ever so inventive with names.
    Saving up takes a long time, so I do the Stock Market as well as regular gaming. When I'm in the mood that is Welcome to the group LovelyStrife ^_^ One day I have to figure out how to put pictures of my neopets up in this group.
  6. Sorgatani

    These are some of my neopets
  7. Sorgatani
    For those of you still playing Neopets, there's a new 'Games Master Challenge' going until the 1st of December - I don't know if I'll be able to do very well in it, I've missed 2 days already, but I'll be trying to at least!
  8. Sorgatani
    All through December, there's the Advent Calendar - I collect calendar animations so hopefully I'll get every one this month
  9. Sorgatani
    Well, I didn't get many animations at all. Luckily I already had the Winter site theme.
  10. Loki Grants
    Loki Grants
    My name on Neopets is Blackice000 ;D I'm a member since August 29th 2004
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