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  1. smoothsister
    pokemon**** master****** you*** do*** not want to mess with her
  2. Ace
    umm hi smoothsister?
    That's a nice way to make an introduction xD
  3. Ace
    I just started the premium trial, and it is really nice ^^ I like it
  4. Sorgatani
    LOL smoothsister... okay, I must have sent the guide to yooyuball to Dan This is the guide, it's not bad.

    Glad Premium looks good, Tani just going to stick with regular neopets. Can't afford Premium LOL, trying to save up for some RL things ^_^
  5. Ace
    That guide was great! I will definitely use it when I play yooyuball.
    Hopefully I will get better xP
  6. Sorgatani
    With practice, you should do pretty well. It isn't hard to learn, but I know the pointers helped me, although I play differently from how the guide says. Don't be afraid to experiment with different playing styles. I usually play L-R (like reading a book/page) and 1-3, although last year and the year before I played 2-2.
    I changed layouts this year because the other teams can be set out differently now, they were always the same last year and the year before.
  7. Ace
    They changed the np ratio on Super Kitty ):
    Now you don't get 100 np's for beating the first level. I think I got around 358 np xP
  8. Sorgatani
    Rats! Oh yeah, they do change the ratio around the 25/26th of each month, it's really annoying. So about double now. That means get to about 500 points or so and you get your 1k payout. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. Ace
    Yeah that stinks >>
    I found an easy way to make profit though, sniping the SSW
    I have already done a few that were okay
  10. Sorgatani
    Lots of people enjoy that feature, but I've read that there is a limit (he gets tired easily)
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