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  1. Sorgatani
    Welcome to 'Neopet People' (for lack of a better name) Anyways, I'm on neopets and my username is alternatani. Once upon a time I was Sorgatani but I got that account frozen years ago.
  2. Sorgatani
    Well this is depressing.

    These are some pictures of my neopets. Squishy (left) is still being customized but I think Ditte (right) looks pretty good.
  3. Slizer107
    I use to play but when some dangerous stuff happend on it my parents didnt like me to go on there, so i rarely play nower days.
  4. Sorgatani
    That's a pity.... welcome to the group anyway.

    I've been having issues with neopets, I keep on almost calling them pokemon and looking for shinies.
    *I probably need to get out more*
  5. dan the man
    dan the man
    lol cool
    I am currently mkdsmaster and elessar_ar_feiniel
    i use master for chatting on boards, and the other for basically anything else
    I'm sure kenzie will be coming here sometime
    her name is kenzie_09_vballer
  6. Sorgatani
    ^_^ That's great Dan I do most of my chatting/dailies of course on alternatani, the other accounts are mainly storage. I usually chat on the OLDPD boards in Plot Chat; although sometimes I'm on the D/P chat boards. I might have seen you there Dan, your username looks familiar :P (small world after all!)
  7. dan the man
    dan the man
    lol drop me a neomail sometime and friend request me
    i chat in the newbie boards all the time
  8. Sorgatani
    And welcome Nak!
  9. dan the man
    dan the man
    XD mkdsmaster got frozeded
  10. Sorgatani
    How did you manage that? Silly boy! I got an account frozen once, for not following the rules. My accounts that I have now are much better than that one ever was! I got frozed for... I think talking about something I wasn't supposed to. I behave myself now, I have more to lose! lol
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