The Renegade Club!

  1. KitsuneGin
    My favorive ghost has to be Hunter. Is Gengar better though?
  2. Giratina master
    Giratina master
    In my opinion no. I prefer Haunter for it's speed and if it has a quirky nature, that makes it even better!
  3. KitsuneGin
    That's what I thought.
  4. Giratina master
    Giratina master
    I'd have to say though that my favorite ghost, besides Giratina, is one of my own invention, Pyrecter, a ghost/fire type. He wocks! Now if only I can get my ideas published...
  5. KitsuneGin
    LOL, I'd like to see that.
  6. Giratina master
    Giratina master
    He is mine! Mwahahaha! j/k...

    I can't wait for Origin Form Giratina to come out... He shall rule above all my ghosts!

    Not that I'll get over-confident...

    'cause if I ran the Relic Gym, I'd ALLOW legendaries, just so I could use my dragons and ghosties...
  7. pokemonfangirl
    <-----mine fave pokemon all times
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