Wifi Plaza - mini games

  1. revelp8
    Lets set up a time (and post our timezones) where we can arrange to meet each other online and play some mini games to upgrade our sparklers.

    Im in pacific coast standard time.
  2. becnoir
    I'm in in EST. I tried Wi-Fi Plaza with a friend and we went in the same one and we didn't see each other. So you can also do it in the Wi-Fi Club. Thats what I do.
  3. Pikadude609
    If you go via the normal way you meet with random people. To go with friends go to the wifi club bit where you ask for battles etc and select wifi-plaza and wait. Then you and whoever accepts the invite go there. You can also select to go to the battle frontier together and make poffin together aswell as battle and trade. (I can`t wait till may 22nd when i get platinum!)
  4. BlueTempest
    Im in pacific coast standard as well.
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