Pokemon Platinum Discussion

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  1. Pikadude609
    Talk here about the upcoming game Pokémon Platinum.

    Release Dates:

    Japan- Already Out
    America and Canada- March 22nd 2009
    Europe- May 22nd 2009
    Australia- ???

    You can talk about changes,move tutors etc.
  2. Kurt
    I, for one, am really excited about the multiplayer options that are available in Platinum. I have had several ideas about hosting group games for PF, but I have to do more research first.
  3. cowmoo83
    I really can't wait to get it... transferring the dittos will be an Uber pain though (if I decided to move them)...
  4. Pikadude609
    Cowmoo@ LOL
    Trombones@ If you are thinking about the wifi plaza the problem is you can`t go in with people in your pal pad etc. You go in with random people. But its still cool
  5. mewmewmew
    I will probably order it from america seeing as they don't even have a release date for australia yet (i'm not a patient person)
  6. Pikadude609
    Offical rom leaked. Im playing it. SO FUN.
  7. pk13
    4 more days
  8. Pikadude609
    2 more days for new york people as they can get it saturday in a release party.
  9. weedle108
    I have it in japanese
  10. cowmoo83
    woot. the game comes out tomorrow at exactly this time... the time that gamestop opens.
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