DSi English Release Upcoming

  1. Pikadude609
    Here you can chat about features about the DSi coming soon.

    English release date is as follows

    Australia- 2nd April 2009- Matt Black and Stark White

    UK- 3rd April 2009- Matt Black and Stark White

    USA and Canada- 5th April 2009- Blue and Matt Black.

    Any features you are wondering about ask here

    UK website: HERE

    Usa and Canada Website: HERE
  2. Bobreeder
    It's kinda meh that it hasn't got the Advanced slot, don't think I'll get one...
  3. cowmoo83
    I'll get one eventually...

    isn't it weird how the UK/Australia gets cheaped out of everything, but when something good happens to them, it's only a 2-3 day difference from the US...
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