How do you Welcome New Members

  1. joinred1127
    Post here with the different phrases or ways that you use to welcome new members.

    I myself like to use, "Welcome to PokeFarm! You'll love it here. If you have any questions or need anything, feel free to ask me. "
  2. meeker
    In the loving memory of Nickgamer10, who inspires members like myself, to welcome new members like yourself, Welcome to Pokefarm, where all of your pokemon needs are met. I would suggest that you join the beginner's group here ->Click for spontaneous WOOT!<- Please make sure to read through all of the discussions before asking questions for, they may have already been answered. Also, make sure to address the majority of your questions in the discussion labeled Beginner's Group And, as I said before, Welcome to Pokefarm
  3. becnoir
    Welcome to PokeFarm!

    If you need any help click the link above. ^.^

    I hope you have a very fun time here! Oh, and remember to read the FAQ! Click the "View Conversation" thing on the bottom to talk~

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