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  1. S Tailor
    S Tailor
    Need help anyone?
  2. Kurt
    I'd love to help, too; post on my Profile too if you need any--I tend to forget to check the Groups. My areas of good help:
    -Lv. I/II French
    Or just ask away, and I'll see what I can do to help. Nice group idea, slizer!
  3. Slizer107
    Lol, maths is somethign which has thrown me. I mean one day our teacher teaches us the parts fo a circle, i said why cant a circle just be a circle, teacher siad well there gae got to be thigns to make it a circle. I replied well its the only completely round shape, i made him feel embarresed =)
  4. cisco
    Ah, yes. Finally ill just leave all my work to ya'll xD
  5. pokemasterSD
    Math is my thing!BRING IT ON!!!
  6. joinred1127
    I guess Kurt can do all my Geometry homework from now on!
  7. Rayfox-Kun
    Hey i dont mind helping other ppl in math since im in pre-calculus just tell me ok
  8. Slizer107
    Ive been set to write an opening to a play im writting, should i post it for kurt to check?
  9. Nak
    Look me up for help in Psychology.
  10. S Tailor
    S Tailor
    @ slizer, remember plays arnt that hard. anyway i know alot about english. post it and ill check it
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