Mario Kart DS WiFi League

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  1. revelp8
    looks like you beat me to the punch dan. i was just creating one myself he he
  2. dan the man
    dan the man
    XP lol
    I was inviting you but you already joined haha
  3. dan the man
    dan the man
    so is there no double posting in these?if that applies I just shot my own foot>.<

    I guess we need a picture in here, so I will try to get good mario kart racing pic..maybe luigi since I always use him...
  4. revelp8
    how can we edit this group so that it gets more racers in here?? maybe we should advertise he he
  5. dan the man
    dan the man
    welll adertising isnt agains the rules so..just copy a link toyour ssig nd maybe start inviting people from the mkds thread
  6. Taterbud
    Hey, so, should we just put our code in a post or something? Mine is 219178 525167
  7. Rayfox-Kun
    Hey anyone up for a race ? My friend code is 511234-196837

    ididnt know that other ppl here had Mario kart so i never asked i love racing with other ppl much funner than with comp
  8. Taterbud
    Sure, I could go for a race.
  9. kenzie
    awesomeXD once I get my stinkin wifi thingy i will race everyone!
  10. Rayfox-Kun
    Anyone here wish they had balloon battle on wifi?

    I know i do its fun and funny
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