Breeding tips and assistance on events

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  1. Crymzon1980
    If you need any help on events and breeding for them list them here.
  2. rj61
    OK I want to plan an aron event as my first Fields of Silence event. I am probably going to get started soon so I need help with possible move sets. Of course I am going to look up move sets my self but what do you guys think would be good?
  3. Crymzon1980
    A curse aron set would be nice, also, check out smogon on aggron's moveset itll give some ideas too
  4. meeker
    Curse (via torkoal), Substitute/Protect (via TM), Iron Head (via dual level), Toxic (via TM)

    Sub) start sub -> toxic -> sub -> curse -> iron head

    pro) toxic -> protect -> curse -> protect -> iron head

    for both, use curse as needed
  5. rj61
    OK for my first Fields of Silence event I am going to do the aron event and after that I might do an event for my farm. So look for it.
  6. meeker
    This actually makes me think...I would like everyone to go under the name Fields of Silence, but are free to come up with their own personal farm. Sort of like a homologous systems. Starting from a common ancestor and eventually evolving over time to form different uses for the same body part.
  7. rj61
    Well I am not always going to go under my own farms name. I might just do an event for my own farm 1-3 times a year. The majority will probably by Fields of Silence.
  8. Crymzon1980
    only thing i'll have trouble with is a name for my farm division. Since theres one already in kanto and johto, i'll either be in hoenn, sinnoh, orre or almia.
  9. meeker
    you can locate yourself in the same region. It's just preferred to be in different locations.
  10. Crymzon1980
    Ok, hopefully this week I'll be posting up some ideas for future event projects, so if anyone has any ideas for events, let's post them here k?
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