Hacking = BAD

  1. meeker
    We understand that other forums dedicated to Pokémon take a different attitude toward a number of these activities. That does not change how we feel about these issues. As a site devoted to breeding we feel that any hack, no matter how "minor" devalues the entire process.
  2. meeker
    -Pokefarm does not consider soft-resetting hacking.
    -Pokefarm *does* consider Pokémon modified in any way outside the normal play experience to be hacked.
    -Pokefarm *does* consider "RNGAbuse" to be hacking (Even if you didn't use a hacking device to get the hidden info)
    -Pokefarm *does* consider item hacking to be hacking
    -Pokefarm *does* consider Pokémon caught with hacked items to be hacked. (This includes hacked master balls, and hacked event items)
    -Pokefarm *does* consider cloning of any kind to be hacking. (Yes, even the GTS and Emerald clone glitches) We can and have marked users as hackers because they distributed cloned Pokémon.
  3. meeker
    -Cloned Pokémon are considered hacked and thus are not allowed in any sanctioned battles on the site (including but not limited to Gym matches, Tournaments, and Prize contests). This especially includes clones acquired from other sites where "clone distribution" is a normal activity.
    -We don't care if you think it's a feature. This has been our policy as long as this site has existed and will continue to be into the future.
    -We may not catch every person who uses a clone or hack every time. But not getting caught does not mean you aren't breaking the rules.
  4. meeker
    If you feel you need to break these rules, here is what to expect:
    - Any discussion of hacking will warrant an infraction. We mean it. Please contact mods and Admins directly if you have a question rather than bringing it up in the Forums.
    - Any mention of owning a hacking device or hacking Pokémon will warrant an infraction.
    - Using any form of hack in a sanctioned battle will result in a ban from sanctioned battles
    - Discussions revolving around checking the legitimacy of a Pokémon will not be infracted, though discussions should occur in the Hacked Pokémon Helper (else you may be infracted for posting in the wrong section.)
    - Intentional Trading or Battling with Hacked Pokémon on PokeFarm will result in a red H being added to your profile, publicly marking you as a trader/battler who uses hacked Pokémon.
    - Any mention of trading Hacked Pokémon outside the forum (Including putting them up on the GTS) will warrant an infraction for discussing hacks.
  5. meeker
    Think First

    * If you do not know if a Pokemon is legit or not don't offer it for trade
    * If you suspect a Pokemon may be hacked don't use it
    * If your "friend" borrowed the Pokemon and hacked it you will be branded a hacker
    * You may get one or two slightly modified Pokemon past us but in the end we will catch you
    * If you think we are too harsh on the subject of hacking then you are free to visit the many other Pokemon sites on the web
  6. meeker
    Note: Saying a pokemon is legit does not make it legit. It is always recommended to run any iffy pokemon through the hacked pokemon helper
  7. meeker
    As of today: -Pokefarm *does* consider "RNGAbuse" to be hacking (Even if you didn't use a hacking device to get the hidden info)
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