So you say you want to have a Giratina... Too bad! XD

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  1. Giratina master
    Giratina master
    I'm lonely... oh well! XP hehehe! I love this so far!
  2. pokemasterSD
    I'm not really a fan of Giratina,but its pokemon.POKEMON RULES!!!
  3. Giratina master
    Giratina master
    *ahem* *points at title* Giratina rules... and, yes, so do Empoleons...
  4. Giratina master
    Giratina master's so quiet on a Saturday evening... *is scared*
  5. Giratina master
    Giratina master
    Peoplez lovez my Giratina!
  6. Gamegeezer
    You sure i can't have giratina? *pulls out a master ball* Hee hee......
  7. Giratina master
    Giratina master
    ...uh.......... no?

    Hardly anyone posts here...why?
  8. Shadow
    I'll post Girantina is the best dragon legendary design I have ever seen what do you guys think?
  9. mewmaster
    stuff a masterball
    pulls out pokeball from the first movie that never fails and cant be stopped can even catch pokeballs
  10. Giratina master
    Giratina master
    @ Shadow: Uh, of course! Everyone knows that!

    @ vowl123: 0.o;; My Giratina, you'll never take it! OwO
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