Favorite Breed?

  1. Babael
    What are your favorite breeds? I have a soft spot for Rotties, Pit Bull Terriers, and German shepherds.
  2. joinred1127
    Great group Babael! I love dogs. My favorites are basset hounds, nova scotia duck tolling retrievers, welsh corgis (cardigan and pembroke), and english setters.

    I also happen to like dalmatians, but their size combined with poor comprehension skills and a predisposition to deafness makes for a hard to train dog. Once the dalmatian is properly trained though, I hear that they are extremely friendly dogs.
  3. Babael
    Yeah, I can't wait until I can get my pup. I'll probably adopt the first one and get the second one from a breeder, lol. I still haven't decided what breed I want first, if any at all. If everything goes right I should be able to get a pup this time next year. Do you have any dogs Red?
  4. joinred1127
    My family has a golden retriever named Sally Brown. My mom always wanted a small red golden retriever. Now we have one! She's really sweet and playful. She only weighs fifty pounds, so she's definitely on the small size. We got her at a breeder two years ago.

    Previously, my family had a beagle. They bought her before I was born as my sister's dog. Her name was Samantha. She really bonded with my mom, so it was really sad when she needed to be put to sleep.
  5. Eevee Forever
    Eevee Forever
    I love the way the Akita looks but it's mean!But I would choose a Boxer,Dachshund,or a Corgi(either kind).

    P.S I used to have a dog that was mean, bite us,jumped at us when we rode our bikes but she was a real sweetie when she was calmand she was my only friend at the time,but we gave her away(broke my heart!)
  6. Shayden
    I love pugs, they taste just like pork.
  7. Astro493
    hey guys, i really love teacup poodles, i have one her name is Reba!
  8. Shimzter
    I love German Shepherds, Siberian Huskies and Great Danes in particular, although I have a tendency to fall in love with every single dog I come across. ^^

    I've got a four-year-old German Shepherd. His name's Bruno, and I do believe that I have never happened upon a smarter doggie, ever. =)
  9. laprasman
    Porties! That's Portuguese water dogs for all you non-knowing-what-portie-meaners.
    I've got a three year old boy named Pablo, unlike Shimzter, not the smartest dog ever...
  10. Astro493
    To: Shimster (hope i spelled it right!) Yeah, i like german shepherds too! They are so cute! i love german shepherd puppies! those r cute! PLEASE reply!
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