1. Kay
    Anyone have any cool designs they might want to share?

    Whit's Thundercats shirt has taken my town by storm! And in my brother's town, EVERY boy animal is wearing a girl's swimsuit I designed, haha, whoops! I have another friend who used designs to give his house a front porch, and of course there's the option to put cool paths throughout your town.

    Anyway, I love the design feature of the game and love sharing designs. So even if I can't get them on my game, can anyone give me some cool ideas, or tell me about what you've designed?
  2. becnoir
    I've made a Pickchu in my DS game. In the Wii one we have a Rover one!
  3. mewmaster
    i made an amazing munchlax shirt
  4. Kay
    What great ideas! I'd love to see them, if you guys can post pics.
  5. becnoir
    I'll try to post some.
  6. CelticQueen
    I have a pretty good Jack from the Nightmare before Xmas
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