Yada yadda yadda! (random discussions)

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  1. Crymzon1980
    Well, i forgot to check out all my lotads, will be doing that this morning.
  2. meeker
    Oh...I just had an idea...a discussion thread for everybody's own thoughts...one for everybody...Genius!
  3. Crymzon1980
    Well i'll let you create that one, what will you name it?
  4. meeker
    well, like...um...Meeker's Silent Endurance
  5. Crymzon1980
    hmm ok i like the name of it.
  6. Crymzon1980
    Well, i'm starting up eggs again for lotads, will be hatching them over the weekend, i might go for sixty+ eggs since i was able to make room
  7. Crymzon1980
    hey meeks, have you thought about putting up a pic for our group?
  8. Crymzon1980
    Not too long b4 the lotad event is ready, I've decided to use both abilities that lotad can possess because some may prefer either of the abilities instead of just one. I'm finished checkin ivs for the swift swim lotads of the group, and now i'll be checkin ivs for the Rain dish lotads today.....
  9. meeker
    darn... I'm way behind
  10. Crymzon1980
    That means you better the motor running Have you been getting any good offspring?
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