Main Site Breakdown

  1. meeker
    The main site can be found by clicking on this image at the top left hand corner of the screen

    The main site is separated into 8 different sections. Home, Forum, Contact, Archives, About, News, AttackDex, Pokedex.


    The homepage is broken up into three major categories. Farming News, Pokemon News, and Tips, Tricks and Strategies.

    Farming News
    Here you can find events that main site farmers have bred for everybody...not just those registered as users.

    Pokemon News
    Here you can find out what's going on with pokemon. Whether there is a special event going out, or new game info, you can find it here.

    Tips, Tricks and Strategies
    The most diverse of the sections, this section takes a look at pokemon and how they are used in competitive battles. They also offer a bit of background on their subject as well.
  2. meeker
    Well, anything and everything that is found here is the forum (see forum breakdown)

    To contact us of course.

    Find everything that the pokefarm main site has done.

    A few words telling you about Pokefarm by some of our great members

    Seems a lot like the homepage and archives...put together
  3. meeker
    Here you can find any sort of attack that you are looking for. You can search by direct name if you know exactly what you are looking for, or you could search under type to find the move that pleases you most. All moves are organized by their base power

    Search for the pokemon of your choosing. You will be able to find the moves that it is able to learn through leveling up, through TM/HM, through breeding, and through move tutor. You will also be able to see the pokemon's base stats.
  4. Golem Crusher
    Golem Crusher
    The Search Bar
    that is located on the top right of the screen, you can type in to search for something in particular if you have trouble finding it, but it has to be related to the main site, in letters only.
  5. meeker

    Clicking on this image on any part of the main site will transport you back to the home page
  6. meeker
    Some changes have been made to the main page which I have forgotten to mention. The NEWS section has been removed, and replaced with the new bar PLAY! which will take you to Pokefarm's side feature, Team Rocket Game. Remember that this is not to be mistaken as the main feature of the site. The main feature of the site is the thrill of battling and breeding pokemon, through a DS (P/D/Pl)
  7. meeker
    There is also the addition of the Pokefarm Store where you can purchase real life wares that relate to pokemon.
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