Shadow Lovers

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  1. XD001
    Welcome fellow dwellers of shadow. As my first subject for this group, should they bring back shadow lugia as a ghost/dark with levitate? (change name obviously)
  2. Vott
    Absolutely!I shall be Your #1 Apprentince!
  3. XD001
    I can no longer resist. I, XD001, shall create a story for this group. And so it begins....
    The Rising of Shadows, Chapter 1
    The moon was high, and the light it shed fell across the forest. Deep within the tall trees, a group of bikers were celebrating around a large fire,near the main road that ran through the forest.
    "I reckon today was the best day yet!" shouted one with purple hair.
    "Don't get cocky boys", grumbled a large roughneck, with a rootbeer bottle in his hand."One of those brats will eventally squeal that we took their bikes".
    "But with a leader like you Crass, the cops will never catch us!"shouted 'Purple-Hair', taking a swig from his own bottle.
    "You know Folly, for once your right!" laughed Crass and soon everyone else was laughing with him.
    Folly then noticed that a cloaked figure was coming along the road.
    "Hey Crass! I reckon I just found our next sucker!" he whispered.
    Putting out the fire, the gang hopped on their bikes and turned the engines on, but kept quiet. Soon the figure reached the bikers' location.
    Engines roaring, the bikers drove out in front of the stranger and then started circling him, eventually stopping so Crass was in front of him.
    "You look a little lost", said Crass."We'll help ya out, for a price of course."
    The cloaked man said nothing, and his face was hidden in shadow, also hiding any emotions.
    Crass was a short-tempered person and already his rage was growing.
    "Answer me!" he shouted."Fine, Machoke go!" He threw a Great Ball and out came a powerful-looking Machoke. By now, most of the bikers were yelling encouragement to Crass, as they loved watching people lose to him. However, the cloaked man stayed silent, but reached to his belt and chose a Dusk Ball. He threw it up and then suddenly shouted:"Tyranitar!"
    In a blast of darkness, a Tyranitar appeared, roaring at it's sorroundings.
    "Machoke, Dynamic Punch now!" Machoke lunged forward, and it looked bleak for the Rock/Dark type Tyranitar. But then it CAUGHT Machoke's fist, surprising Machoke and the bikers.
    Now the figure had an advantage."Shadow Ball!" A black sphere formed in Tyranitar's mouth and was quickly fired at Machoke. The close range attack instanly KO'd Machoke. But Tyranitar didn't stop. It continued to fire Shadow Ball at the bikers, who were now fleeing. One bike exploded, causing a large and intense fire. Crass, trapped beneath his Pokemon, looked up to see the strange man standing over him.
    "Who...are you?"wheezed Crass, who was now in the grip of fear.
    The figure recalled Tyranitar and now surveyed the scene around him.
    "My name is the Shadow Master," he whispered." And don't forget it".
    He then walked away into the deep shadows that enveloped the forest, not even glancing back at the destruction he hhad caused in a matter of seconds.
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------- To be continued......
  4. Vott
    Good story.
  5. XD001
    Thanx might do next part soon. Involves an APPRENTICE.
  6. XD001
    Nights grow darker, and so do the shadows.
  7. Vott
  8. XD001
    Actally felt good to write that story. Im one of those people who has ideas, but never ties them. On Saturday i created the rest of the story in my head! Then today i already got the idea for... Its a secret now!
  9. Vott
    Hahahaha I see we have a new mamber lol!
  10. XD001
    I shall contact him.
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