Shiny Lovers Anonymous!

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  1. nana nettie
    nana nettie
    We shiny fans stick together Welcome aboard Sweet Nak
  2. Nak
    Thanks, Ms. Nettie. Oh, I'll bet Sorgatani and TheTaterTot would love to join too!
  3. nana nettie
    nana nettie
    Oh yes, two more great additions
  4. Taterbud
    Yes, they are, I will invite them to join.
  5. Sorgatani
    Thanks for inviting me Taterbud ((*Group Hug!*))
  6. TheTaterTot
    Hi, my name is Tot and I love shinies Thanks for the invite!
  7. nana nettie
    nana nettie
    So glad to have you both with us
  8. Taterbud
    Yep, it's nice to see the shiny people together. Okay, sooo, does anyone have an "absol'ute" favorite shiny they like to hunt or for you players, receive from games? Mine is absol.
  9. Sorgatani
    I like trying to catch shiny eevee. It makes me want to kill my game but it sure is fun to try. And I've been trying to collect a set of shiny starters, but that isn't going very well. It's not a serious goal, just a bit of fun.
  10. Cherkat
    Yay - Hi Ms. Tot, Cathy, Shiny Lucario and Sorgatani Welcome the more the merrier
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