Shiny Lovers Anonymous!

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  1. toys4life
    I don't know....shiny lucario? I give up...
  2. nana nettie
    nana nettie
    Well let's see...there's me, and Cherkat, and me, and Joby, and me, and you, and me, and Kay, and me......I think I got it
  3. Taterbud
    ha ha, okay, so Shiny Lucario, we could bring him in if you'd like Joby, it's not a hard question.. I'm just wondering who else if any, you guys would like to see in here. and nana... pffttt, hee hee, I think I know who really likes shiny... could it be.. you? ha ha
  4. nana nettie
    nana nettie
    Maybe we could go back to the shiny movie thread for help
  5. toys4life
    LOL! I was just guessing...I don't even know Shiny Lucario very well...of course his name does make me suspect that he likes shinies
  6. Taterbud
    yeah, I would like to invite some of the other hunters out there... so... let's see, we got Shiny Lucario, uh.. how about Nak.. she hunts shinies right... everyone okay with these two? I'm not sure about other hunters, b/c I haven't dealt with them.
  7. nana nettie
    nana nettie
    Blue Ditto with Joby
  8. Cherkat
    Nak is a shiny hunter and shiny lucario also hunts shinies, you could invite them How about Kurt Trombones13?
  9. Taterbud
    Ha ha, yep, Kurt should be invited as well, he's been trying ever so hard to catch those shinies.
  10. Nak
    Oh yay! Thanks for inviting me, you guys!
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