Shiny Lovers Anonymous!

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  1. toys4life
    Yeah I stink at chaining...I sent out this great chain letter to everyone I know and no body sent me back a shiny
  2. Cherkat
    Yay Slizer congrats on your shiny bell gong!
  3. Misa Misa
    Misa Misa
    @ Slizer: Sweet good job, now what do you want for it?
  4. Slizer107
    Im keepinmg it cos ive gotta battle nak with a shiny team lol.
  5. razorbeam
    congratz, slizer. that would definitely be a good shiny to keep
  6. NikolaTesla
    I traded my only shiny for a clone, without knowing it. It made me very sad.
  7. Taterbud
    Oh wow Nik, that's sad...
  8. Sorgatani
    That is very sad. I saw a shiny kingdra on GTS earlier, asking for a jirachi. I didn't take it. I like my legit jirachi. I got shiny cubones today, get a new swarm in half an hour
  9. Cherkat
    Congrats on the shiny cubones Sorgatani I have yet to see a shiny patch, I just gotta keep trying
  10. Sorgatani
    Good luck but I can understand why you haven't yet, you have a 7 year old distraction. I've tried chaining with midgets in the room, and it just didn't happen LOL, they climb on you the exact second you're trying to see the moving grasses!
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