Shiny Lovers Anonymous!

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  1. Cherkat
    Spoken like a true auntie with midgets underfoot I need to wait until he is asleep
  2. razorbeam
    Oh Nikola, sorry to hear you're sad. What was wrong with the clone?
    I can share you some of my shinies to make you happy
  3. Cherkat
    Razorbeam - Generous as always
  4. Misa Misa
    Misa Misa
    Trading shiny ditto lvl 96, any takers?
  5. Sorgatani
    No thanks Misa Misa, someone else can have the shiny ditto They're so pretty and squishy and blue ^_^
  6. Cherkat
    Hey Misa Misa - Post it on the Shiny events thread and see what the members offer. It is up to you to either accept or deny what they want to trade. If no one offers anything that you like, close the thread and try again in a few weeks
  7. Sorgatani
    ^_^ YAY! I got a shiny Snover! I named him SnowCone ^_^ and the shiny grass was REALLY EASY TO SEE! *elated* I hope he has good IVs but I really don't care because I got a shiny in the snow.
  8. Taterbud
    That's awesome Tani, I've been able to get one, but I only got one and then ended up giving it away to a friend who needed it as a present for someone else.
  9. Sorgatani
    You're a lot more generous with your shinies than I am LOL, so far I have 4 snover - SoftServe, Meringue, SnowCone and Pavlova. I don't know why I'm naming them after food, but it is fun.
  10. nana nettie
    nana nettie
    Tani, you are so funny If you ever get tired of looking at the food, I'm starving
    I love snowcones
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