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Signature Rules

When creating a signature for your profile please limit images to one Trainer card and two additional images (total 3 images maximum). The signature size limit is 683px wide by 240px tall. If your signature exceeds this limit, expect to have your signature edited. A visual reference can be found here.

In the case of PokePets, PokePlushies, etc please limit yourself to one of any given type.

Please limit Smilies to no more than 6.

If you own/operate your own pokemon related website/community, submit it to be approved by the Admins. Once approved, you, as the owner of the site, would be allowed to link/reference the site in your sig and profile. Please understand we do this out of supporting similar communities. To help keep things fair and civil, the owner of the site will be the only member allowed to have any material (links, images advertising, etc) in their signature or profile information. Remember that this does not preclude some discussions regarding the site, or linking something in a regular post for reference.

Failure to follow these rules will lead to the removal of your ability to have a signature and possibly banning if justified.

Support PokeFarm

Interested in supporting the site? In that case we also accept donations:

Pokemon Trade Rules

Here at PokeFarm we take trading a bit more seriously than other sites do. Because we are primarily a site for breeders we do not allow trading in hacked or cloned Pokemon.

When looking for a trade please use our numerous subforums. Post have and wants in the thread for the Pokemon. New threads should only be used if you have a lot of Pokemon to trade.

We also have a very active forum farm section. Take a look!


So, you got slapped with an infraction and you are wondering why? Here on the PokeFarm forums we have some very simple rules that we expect all members to abide by. Without rules we have anarchy. Anarchy is bad for a forum.

We do not enjoy putting our foot down on our members but sometimes we have to. As long as you follow the rules (letter and spirit) you should never have a problem here. If you step out of line then you may find yourself banned.

    Infraction List
  • Insulted Other Member (5 points/10 days): We do not tolerate the insulting of other members. Keep it civil or keep it to yourself.
  • Signature Rule Violation (5 points/10 days): The signature rules are clear. Get this infraction enough times and we will remove your ability to have a signature.
  • Posting Rule Violation (5 points/10 days): We like to give you a warning the first time but that only happens once. Before you post a new thread look to see what forum you are in. If a more appropriate forum can be found please use it.
  • Spammed Advertisements (10 points/10 days): Don't spam the forums with ads. All users are hand moderated when they apply for membership. This one NEVER gets a warning and you get an infraction for every spam.
  • Forum Raiding (Ban/15 days): Don't PM or otherwise message members asking them to join your forum.
  • Inappropriate Language (10 points/10 days): If you wouldn't use that language in front of your mother don't use it here! If you would use that sort of language in front of your mother than you can expect to be banned.
  • Failure to show up for a Gym Battle (15 points/30 days): Our time is valuable. If you do not plan on showing up for a Gym Battle at the scheduled time you are wasting our time and depriving someone else the chance to earn the badge.
  • Talking about hacks (1 point/10 days): PokeFarm is dedicated to breeding great Pokemon not using cheating devices to get great Pokemon. There is no warning for this particular infraction and the point value on it is low. However, if you start talking about hacks every post you mention hacks in will be subject to this infraction and they will pile on. So please, don't talk about hacking here.
  • Crimes against Grammar (1 point/24 hours): We do not tolerate 1337 speak or other crimes against grammar and spelling. I know we have a lot of users for whom English is not their primary language, you folks we will cut some slack. All others, if English is your primary language please use it as correctly as possible. Keep in mind this doesn't mean you have to carry around a dictionary, just make a good faith effort. Remember we're taking the time to read your post make a little extra effort to make that possible.
  • Thread-Jacking (4 points/15 days): Before posting something off-topic and sending a thread spiraling into a new direction please note where the thread is posted. If you are not in the trade forum do not interject a trade request, same goes for battles. You do know we have a very robust PM system in place, please use it.
  • Failure to show up for a Farming Event (5 points/30 days) :Our time is valuable. If you do not plan on showing up for a Farm Trade at the scheduled time you are wasting our time and depriving someone else the chance to get their pokemon at that time.

    Farmer must specify a time and date the event will occur. As well as arrange a pm for that time.

    example: Farming smeargle with sketch on May 12th from 6:00pm to 10:00pm EST, you may reserve your pokemon for this time. If you cannot make the event then please PM me with a date and time we can agree upon for trade.

    The infraction may only be given when a specific time and date has been agreed upon.
  • Instigating Trouble (7-day ban): No one likes seeing uneeded drama added to the forum. Think before you post. If your post has no other purpose than to cause trouble don't post it.

Having a high number of current infraction points will also prevent you from taking part in some tournaments and Gym Battles. So be good and follow the rules!

Farming Etiquette

How to farm with style?

Etiquette Lesson #1: Start each event with a small story. It does not have to be anything elaborate, it could be short and sweet. You don’t need to write a book, but a brief description of your project will help draw people into your event.

Etiquette Lesson #2: Always give a move-set listing. Having people ask what the moves are for your Pokémon will slow the event down and cause people to leave your farm. People don’t like to wait for details. All the details should be taken care of in the opening post.

Etiquette Lesson #3: When asking for things in return for your Pokémon, remember to not ask for anything that is worth more than what you are offering. If you are giving away Bidoof with a basic move-set, you will not get a shiny Pokémon for that, so save yourself time and don’t ask. You should never request much as a farmer. Farming is for the love of breeding great Pokémon, not profit. Asking for items or certain Pokémon is not rude, but don’t plan on swimming in riches from farming. Also for the love of all things farming please don’t ask for shiny Pokémon, Legendaries, or Event Pokémon. No farmed Pokémon is ever worth any of those; well unless one of your farmed Pokémon has 6 stats maxed at 31 IVs.

Etiquette Lesson #4: One of the biggest things to remember to make your request and your project as clear as possible. Type it in WordPad or something with a spell checker and then copy and paste it into your PokéFarm thread. I know it does not sound like much, but having everything clear and crisp helps. If you just type out bits of info here and there, that will bring more questions and slow down your event while you’re explaining what you meant.

Etiquette Lesson #5: Never offer hacked or cloned Pokémon as farmed Pokémon. Farming is not as hard as it seems, but it is very time consuming. That is why there are breeders and then there are traders. It is all a matter of time. Those with little time will trade for Pokémon and those with some spare time will farm the Pokémon.

Etiquette Lesson #6: If you are not sure if you want to be a farmer and just want to try it out, you don't have to breed a huge batch of Pokémon. For your first event you can breed as little as 6 Pokémon. If that goes well and you want to try again, increase your output and go for it. The more Pokémon you breed and the more people that can receive one of your Pokémon the better. As a rule of thumb most farmers breed about 30 Pokémon, very rarely do you have all 30 taken. It is nice to have a few leftovers for people that find your event later and wish to get one of your babies. Having 30 Pokémon is a rule not set in stone, but getting more Pokémon out to people is your best bet for getting noticed as one of the best breeders. So if you think you may like farming, start with a small batch of Pokémon and see how it goes.

Etiquette Lesson #7: As a Moderator and a farmer, I am going to put this out there for other farmers. If after your Minor Market Event ends and you don't want anymore request for that Pokemon, please add a post with a CLOSE and I can close that thread for you. Also PMing me would be the fastest way to get it closed for sure. I am only posting this because I saw today a handful of members asking for a Pokemon in a farmer's thread, but the event has been over for 2 months.
Out of courtesy I don't like just closing another farmers thread. I know alot of you use the same thread for every event, and that is O.K. I use a new thread for every event only because I can keep track of my event that way.

Etiquette Lesson #8: After starting your farm, please concentrate on one event at a time. Running more then one event at a time is really rude to other farmers. How is it rude? Well if you have 5 threads created for each event, all going on at the same time, that pushes other farmers events out of the way. It is also a nice idea to name your farm to give other forum members something to look for when searching for events. Changing your farm name is also something that can annoy other members. People will quickly associate you to your farm and if all of a sudden Farm X is now Farm Z, you may not have the same people that followed Farm X come looking for you at Farm Z.

Trust how these minor things can make or break farms.

Etiquette Lesson #9: When holding an event, please keep it limited to 1 Pokémon per event. If you are doing a Holiday theme or a themed event 2 -3 Pokémon is fine, but the more you offer the more confusion it brings. The only time you should really offer more then 1 Pokémon is when you are doing a cleanup event and you are offering Pokémon from previous events.

I recently saw a farm offer almost every Pokémon and they had no move-set for any of them. It was I can farm this what do you want. That is not a farm event, that is a General Trade. Don't be surprised if your thread gets moved, closed, or edited.

Etiquette Lesson #10:

This lesson was sent to me by Tunk. I think this lesson should have been number one on the list. Thank you Tunk for bringing it to my attention.

Now this lesson is more for the people receiving a farmer's Pokémon. If a set time for a trade was established and the receiving party was sent a reminder PM, try to make the trade on time.

Also as a sidebar to this. If you request a Pokémon and don't pick it up and give excuse after excuse, your Pokémon will be given to the next person or released altogether. As farmers box space is very precious to us.

If it was up to me I would keep a list of people that constantly request Pokémon and never show up to trade for them, but PM insisting they will. I would then just start to ignore those members. I sometimes hold Pokémon for up to a week, but after that my boxes get cleaned and your out of luck.

Thanks to BugCatcher6 for writing this guide.


We understand that other forums dedicated to Pokémon take a different attitude toward a number of these activities. That does not change how we feel about these issues. As a site devoted to breeding we feel that any hack, no matter how "minor" devalues the entire process.

-Pokefarm does not consider soft-resetting hacking.
-Pokefarm *does* consider Pokémon modified in any way outside the normal play experience to be hacked.
-Pokefarm *does* consider "RNGAbuse" to be hacking (Even if you didn't use a hacking device to get the hidden info)
-Pokefarm *does* consider item hacking to be hacking
-Pokefarm *does* consider Pokémon caught with hacked items to be hacked. (This includes hacked master balls, and hacked event items)
-Pokefarm *does* consider cloning of any kind to be hacking. (Yes, even the GTS and Emerald clone glitches) We can and have marked users as hackers because they distributed cloned Pokémon.
-Cloned Pokémon are considered hacked and thus are not allowed in any sanctioned battles on the site (including but not limited to Gym matches, Tournaments, and Prize contests). This especially includes clones acquired from other sites where "clone distribution" is a normal activity.
-We don't care if you think it's a feature. This has been our policy as long as this site has existed and will continue to be into the future.
-We may not catch every person who uses a clone or hack every time. But not getting caught does not mean you aren't breaking the rules.

If you feel you need to break these rules, here is what to expect:
- Any discussion of hacking will warrant an infraction. We mean it. Please contact mods and Admins directly if you have a question rather than bringing it up in the Forums.
- Any mention of owning a hacking device or hacking Pokémon will warrant an infraction.
- Using any form of hack in a sanctioned battle will result in a ban from sanctioned battles
- Discussions revolving around checking the legitimacy of a Pokémon will not be infracted, though discussions should occur in the Hacked Pokémon Helper (else you may be infracted for posting in the wrong section.)
- Intentional Trading or Battling with Hacked Pokémon on PokeFarm will result in a red H being added to your profile, publicly marking you as a trader/battler who uses hacked Pokémon.
- Any mention of trading Hacked Pokémon outside the forum (Including putting them up on the GTS) will warrant an infraction for discussing hacks.

Think First
  • If you do not know if a Pokemon is legit or not don't offer it for trade
  • If you suspect a Pokemon may be hacked don't use it
  • If your "friend" borrowed the Pokemon and hacked it you will be branded a hacker
  • You may get one or two slightly modified Pokemon past us but in the end we will catch you
  • If you think we are too harsh on the subject of hacking then you are free to visit the many other Pokemon sites on the web

Pokefarm Awards and Honors

Pokefarm Member of the Month

Every month we will be honoring one member with a special gift for their exemplary work and help in the forums. The honor will be given to forum members who the admins and mods feel represent a great pokefarmer.

How do you get the honor?

  • Don’t ask for it. Any member who asks to be honored won’t be.
  • Has proven to be a good forum farmer.
  • Helps out by answering questions, providing battles, or trades.
  • Alerts the mods and admins to inappropriate posts.
  • Has been an active member for at least two months.
  • Contributes worth while posts and threads that others can get involved with

Do you know someone you feel deserves this honor then please nominate them by Private Messaging an Admin or Mod and provide examples of how you feel they have helped pokefarm.

This one helpful member will be able to choose their own user title providing of course it is still in line with the rules.

Official Pokefarm Tier List

Below you will find the official PokeFarm tier list. This is the tier list used in all battling on the site. Please note that each competition is different and will allow/disallow certain tiers. Another reminder that the PokeFarm gym system does not currently allow Legendaries of any kind, those pokemon are listed in bold text in the tier list below. Any changes will be discussed and announced by the Pokefarm Tier Authority. If you'd like to suggest a change to the tiers, you can submit them to any staff member or gym leader for discussion. This is the only official list that now exists on the site, any previous listings have been combined into this one official list. This simply makes it easier to manage. Thanks, Pokefarm Tier Authority

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