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being with Taterbud

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Being a native californian and then flying to ohioooo to see the gf is really a big step for me...and for her as well...i think. I've had a lot of fun over here, met joby and kate when i arrived at the airport, played with kate's two doggies, which are adorably cute and playful, checked out the scenery and met kate's awesome parents. Checked out a carnival yesterday with fireworks at the end, awesomeness. Have plans to hit up a go kart race tracks, Knotts Cedar Point, Big Boys for those of you who know what that place is, and whatever else that comes to mind. until then, when i get back home, ill try to get everyone for gym battles

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  1. rj61's Avatar
    Have fun James.
  2. cowmoo83's Avatar
    Sweet! :P Have fun in Ohioooo!
  3. rj61's Avatar
    I just realized that my cousin lives in Ohio!
  4. Paiopa's Avatar
    Hope you have a great time man


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