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Rotom's Key is Mine!!!

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Hi Everyone!

Just thought I would let you know that I posted some screen shots and answers to questions I had been asked about Rotoms's Key...[URL=""]Here[/URL] and [URL=""]here![/URL] :)

I received Nintendo's mystery gift tonight and could not wait to play around with all of Rotoms new guys are gonna love this game when it comes out everywhere!!!

:D Enjoy the pics!!!

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  1. S Tailor's Avatar
    I've got one, just no rotom. At least I've got the Item though
  2. Pikadude609's Avatar
    S Tailor If you wait till night you can catch rotom in platinum in the same place you caught it in diamond and pearl in the old chatua or whatever in a t.v. Or trade from d/p .
  3. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    You're saving one of those keys for me, right?


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