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Saturday The day of being home and playing games

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Well todays been a relaxed day. First i woke up and then i got out my laptop. I logged on to pokefarm and it was quite lonely only about 5 members. Next i loaded up a game called mechquest. For those of you who dont know mechquest is a rpg game online which is free but the better stuff costs money. You play as a student studying at gears university learning to fight giant robot battle mechs and level up to get better mechs. When i logged on i realised i had done everything i could do right now so i logged off. Then i went to another game called dragonfable. More dissapointment as when i logged on i saw that i had already done the latest quest. My pet dragon needs training but sadly i decided not to today.

So then i realised i had no internet games to play so i turned on the tv and loaded up my game called star wars the force unleashed. So there i am holding my wiimote and nunchuk. SPOILERS! I go on and i completed my apprentice training. Then darth vader came and gave me my first proper mission. I was to go to a planet called felucia and kill a jedi known as shaak ti. So i went there and after exploring the planet and battling 3 bosses i found shaak ti. She lured me to this place where i had a lightsaber battle with her and she got knocked down a cliff. I forced her lightsaber into my hand and left. I returned to darth vader and i remembered something i was told by shaak ti. She said " sith always betray each other" So i handed darth vader my master the lightsaber of shaak ti and then in comes the emperor. Since i was darth vaders apprentice i wasntactually allowed to exist. Thats when the emperor gave darth vader a choice. He said he will kill me and darth vader or darth vader can kill me. So there darth vader chucks me through a windows out into space. Ther my body floats and the emperor leaves. Darth vader recovers my body and brings me back to life and tells me something. He tells me to rally an army against the emperor to overthrow him. Darth vaders master plan was to overthrow the emperor. So then i left to find a general. Thats when i saved the game and turned off the wii.

I went downstairs and found my mum had bought me a new sonic game called Sonic chronicles the dark brotherhood. Then im annoyed because my ds isnt charged so i plug it in to charge. Then i come back to my computer and log onto pokefarm and then i realise the blog competition results are in so i write a quick blog to say that i can write a blog. Then i had to go to my nans for tea.

I decided to do more work on my pokemon comic. I had to resize the sprites because i am using smaller map portions now. Of course that caused trouble. I opened up the new page base which is 3 comic scenes wide by 5 comic scenes high. So of course that means making my comic takes longer now. But i decide making the next page had to wait because the sprites werent ready. I have been spending ages on getting the sprites ready. So then i go to my ds which i took over to my nans and start playing sonic chronicles and realise its quite good. All the movement is done with the stylus and attacks have become more interesting. So i come home and decide i need to find my pokemon pearl game because i lsot it by accident. Finding it is sundays job. Hopefully i can find it so i can train up some good pokemon to beat the gym leaders here on pokefarm.

Something that did interest me today was the poke farm musical which is written by slizer107. I really like it and would give it a rating of 5 out of 5. I would rate star wars 4.5 out of 5 because some of the ways you have to attack arent very good and the save should save you where you are. Sadly i cannot rate the sonic game yet because i am not far enough through. I of course had to check up on hints of madness but sadly i cannot offer good pokemon i can only offer the ones i know i have definetly right now until i find my pearl.

Today i bought a star wars magazine that comes with a model spaceship. This was the first issue and it came with a classic spaceship, the millenium falcon. It has a little picture of a background in the case. I am also busy playing mystery dungeon right now but sadly am stuck beating dialga. So all in all today hasnt been a bad day and i am happy and im glad mainly that i won access to write blogs. Oh well thats me done for today.

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  1. Kay's Avatar
    Very interesting blog so far! I like how you are giving us little mini reviews of several things.

    However, can I make a suggestion? It would be much easier to read your blog if there were some lines between paragraphs. Like, hit enter a couple times to break your blog up into sections so it's not one huge block of text.

    Other than that, it's great! I look forward to reading more.
  2. cowzown's Avatar
    cool blog i like it
  3. Kay's Avatar
    Hey I just noticed your reorganization of your blog entry! It looks great now!
    Hope you post more soon!


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