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Back in Black

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*Dusts off blog, takes a look around* HmmmÖ.. *Deep breath* I have returned.

More than returning, I have changed. Iím not the same LCS as I was before and although I do hope you still love and care, I do hope you understand that things will not be the same. In the last few months I have done many things, many things which Iím sure I will detail in future blogs. Given time, who knows what shall become of this?

Why return? If you must know, my good friend Mr. Tesla finally convinced me. He didnít mean to, but something he said resonated within me and compelled me to jump back into the madness that is pokefarm. I stayed away from pokefarm for months and when I came back I was shocked by the number of messages left on my visitor messageboard. I thank each and every one of you who took the time to message me even after I dissapeared. Thank you for everything; you have no idea how much your words have touched my heart.

Love me, hate me, or indifferent; Iím back baby. :174:

:bloom: LCS

[SIZE="1"][COLOR="White"]'Cause I'm back
Yes, I'm back
Well, I'm back
Yes, I'm back
Well, I'm back, back
(Well) I'm back in black
Yes, I'm back in black[/COLOR][/SIZE]

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Updated 06-23-2009 at 03:11 PM by LovelyStrife



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  1. pikaluva13's Avatar
    Welcome back! Are you going to continue writing your Fan Fiction? :3
  2. LovelyStrife's Avatar
    It's a secret.
  3. pikaluva13's Avatar
    :3 yay iggy! *hugs iggy*
  4. LovelyStrife's Avatar
    ^_^ Just be careful, if you squeeze him too much he may start to sing like Freddie Mercury! O_O He's even been practacing his falsetto. lol
  5. NikolaTesla's Avatar
    Ooooooh Aaaaaaah!
  6. LovelyStrife's Avatar
    O_O Did I just see a Mr. Tesla off the starboard bow?
  7. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    Glad to have you back!
  8. LovelyStrife's Avatar
    Iggly! Buff, buff, buff, buff, buff!

    Iggy says... Umm... Iggy says it's time to party down. *Boogies down with Steve*
  9. T roo's Avatar
    Yay lovely *Bounced up and down* I wonder what these mysterious things are :O
  10. LovelyStrife's Avatar
    You shall see! I am working on it as we speak.
  11. Pikadude609's Avatar
    Woot. You are back!!! Yey!!!! Hope you and sonic are doing ok Can't wait to see if you have a event soon
  12. Slizer107's Avatar
    THANKS NIK! Lol, Welcome back!
  13. LovelyStrife's Avatar
    Sonic and I are quite well. He had his surgery and has been as happy as a hoglet can be. We'll see about events, I have a few special things up my sleve. *Moves her arms around like a magician*

    Slizer!!!!! Keep on truckin'.
  14. meeker's Avatar
    Hugs! Missed you!
  15. LovelyStrife's Avatar
    I missed you too!
  16. Cherkat's Avatar
    I had to blink a few times to really know if I was seeing that you had logged on. Welcome back
  17. Vott's Avatar
    Nice to see you back!
  18. Bobreeder's Avatar
    *faints* Are you back? Are you REALLY back?! Yippeeeeeeeee!!!!! *runs around in his underpants, waking neighbors*
  19. thefuriousangel's Avatar
    *dances like this---> *
  20. rj61's Avatar
    Well I didn't really know you but Welcome back anyways.
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