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Disney/Pixar's Up

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Sweet, funny, visually stunning, this sums up the film.

As much as UP is billed as a child's film, I was moved to tears on three separate occasions.

The love story between Carl and Ellie, the sadness of Russell yearning for his absent father. The symbolism of Carl and his house

Kevin trying to get home to her babies, and Doug just wanting a loving and accepting master, sigh, I'm tearing up again

So much deep fare for a children's flick. Don't get me wrong, you and the kids will laugh, but the film and its' meaning will linger.

Take the kids to see this wonderful, poignant movie but take a kleenex or two

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  1. nickgamer10's Avatar
    I agree I saw it in 3D and loved it
  2. joinred1127's Avatar
    Pixar's movies are so emotional. Finding Nemo and Wall•E both made me cry.
  3. thefuriousangel's Avatar
    Great movie!
    but huge tear jerker...
    like as soon as you started to forget about Carl's wife...
    They bring her up again with a huge slap in the face saying, "Oh yeah, she's dead!"
    but other than that...
    Awesome movie!!!
    3D made it even cooler.

    Favorite Quote:

    "I hid under your house because I love you..." - Dug
  4. Pikadude609's Avatar
    Never even heard of it. Normaly it would be advertised on disney channel. But not for this.
  5. ice_tomb9's Avatar
    I haven't seen it yet, although I plan to. I must say I love the rainbow bird thing, mainly in the previews.


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